Pilates classes taught by instructors with experience in injury treatment and biomechanical assessments. Fantastic for anyone with little niggles or who just wants to learn more about how to make their body move more efficiently.

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New to Pilates?

Been working in the office for too long and getting stiff? Want to press that reset button and start to become more fit and active? A Restorative Pilates Programme can help everyone rid themselves of the above problems.

Become Healthier

Our Pilates sessions will (step by step) lead you to becoming fitter and healthier by stretching tight muscles and strengthening
areas that have become dormant over time. Improve your posture that may have begun to slump into a constant chair shape!

Become Fitter

What if HITT or going to the gym just isn’t your thing? You will get strong and supple through our Pilates classes. They can help maintain a healthy weight and a happy mind set.

Shrewsbury sports massage therapy sports massage therapist performing a sports massage

Recovering from an Injury?

Had an injury and looking to get back up to speed? Keep getting that little niggle time and time again? Been recommended to start pilates but don’t know where to look?

A Rehabilitation Pilates Programme may be right for you.

Experienced Instructors

Our classes are led by experienced Pilates instructors. We will bring these classes right back down to basics to make sure your foundation is built back up again with strength to build upon.

Improve Body Awareness

No one wants their body to dictate what they can and can’t do. Through these Pilates for Rehab classes you will improve the command you have over your body.

Improve your Performance

Looking for something to give you that “edge” with your performance? Our Sports Pilates Program could be just the thing you need. Our Pilates sessions will look at refining your motor patterns so you have greater control in your chosen sports.

Sport-specific Pilates

Based on your sporting history and current sport of choice, we will look at uncovering weaknesses and areas of muscle tightness to construct a session specific to you.

If you’re a runner we may be keeping a close eye on those hip flexors; or if you like tennis, we may be putting your rotator cuff through its paces. Every session is tailor-made to the individual.

Generate more Power

Pilates can prevent injuries and also increase your body’s core stability. As a result, you will be able to generate more power. Struggling to get that PB? Look no further.

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It may be cliche but it really has changed my daily life and outlook. I have the confidence to get back running and improve my fitness in the gym
Shalana Wright

Chef & Gym Member

Oli’s treatment was an invaluable part of my success, which enabled me to go on and compete for Great Britain at the world Indoor Championships.
Lewis Moses

International Distance Runner

Joe’s knowledge and expertise used to diagnose and treat my lower back problem was excellent.
Sue Clark


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Post-Natal Exercise

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