The plantar fascia is a thick fibrous band of connective tissue that links the heel to the forefoot. When you lift the heel to push off against the ground the plantar fascia is stretched. If you over-pronate your foot you are more likely to suffer from plantar fasciitis, due to the arch being over-stretched which increases the strain going through it. Research has found using kinesiology tape helps assist in the reduction of pain in the fascia, when combined with soft tissue therapy.

When treating plantar fasciitis I start by working through the main band of fascia to free up the heel bone. I will then move onto the lateral band of fascia on the outside of the foot, to help bring the foot from a externally rotated position back into a neutral position. Another area I work to release is both sides of the heel, this allows the body weight to shift backward, which puts the foot in a position to offer support. I will also work through the calf, hamstring, and if required further up through the posterior muscles of the body. The pelvis is another area that often needs to be assessed and worked on, to balance the forces going through the lower body.

I will then complete the treatment by applying kinesiology tape to support the fascia, and help with the movement patterns of the ankle and foot. The tape is applied specifically to follow the length of the fascia and offload the area of pain, this takes tension away from the tissue which helps reduce localised the pain.

Once the pain has reduce it is a good time to start doing some stretching and strengthening exercises to improve the integrity of the fascia.

If you suffer from planter fasciitis and would like treatment or advice please contact me.